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Training services

The learning organization

Training is the most important aspect of our work. Whether you hire us to teach a course on a particular technology, or you've engaged us in a long-term consulting role, we work hard to share what we know. That means not just the facts (which, after all, you can get from books) but also the real-world experience of what works, what doesn't work, and why.

We can customize our training curriculum to your specific needs — from a short, high-level introduction for non-technical managers, to intensive 3- or 5-day courses that plumb the depths of a technology. Or anything in between. Here are just a few of the subjects we cover:

  • Markup for Non-Technical Managers
  • XML Schema and DTD development
  • Transforming Data with XSLT
  • Formatting text with XSL-FO
  • Content Management 101
  • Doing More with a Web CMS
  • DITA from Scratch
  • Managing DITA Specializations
  • Advanced DITA

We can also deliver specific training for many leading applications (XMetaL, Epic, OmniMark, and more). We can use your data, your processes, and your domain terminology in our training, to provide your team with better context and quicker uptake.

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