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DITA-related services

Getting started

So you've heard about DITA, and how it's changing the game for many companies. You know about the cost savings, and you've heard about changes to the authoring and processing of content. You've heard some say that DITA is mainly for technical documentation, but then you've heard stories of how DITA has been used in other environments. Does it make sense for your organization?

We can help you find out, lending the insights of our broad experience.

DITA Prototype

How does a multi-national financial services firm ensure its new multi-language, custom-document system can meet both known and unknown requirements, without embarking on an expensive multi-year study?

We were engaged to develop a rapid prototype of a DITA authoring environment that modeled some initial concepts. We participated in discovery sessions to help identify additional requirements and bring everything into focus. In some cases, we modified the DITA specializations and related authoring configuration during these meetings. This quick definition of requirements resulted in a functional implementation much earlier than would otherwise have been possible.


To specialize, or not to specialize? That is the next question, once you've decided on a DITA solution. Many organizations succeed with generic DITA; others find advantages to defining specializations for their specific requirements. We'll help you sort out the issues.

If you choose to use specializations, our DITA Specialization Manager provides a unique methodology and an application for managing the changes you'll apply to the base DITA model. DITA Specialization Manager organizes and documents the analysis of your content. It then generates the specializations and supporting files based on that analysis. DITA Specialization Manager eliminates hard-to-debug errors and simplifies future changes. It's available exclusively to our clients.


The DITA Open Toolkit provides a head-start on processing your DITA content. There are many options, parameters, interdependent scripts, and stylesheets — and we know our way around them. We can show you how to get common outputs like PDF and HTML quickly.

We also know when to avoid the DITA Open Toolkit, and can show you some effective alternatives.

Free initial consultation

Call us to discuss your specific situation and your goals. We'll provide advice on how to proceed, and how we can help.

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