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Supratext LLC
43 Michaelson Drive
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
+1 856.787.9090


Supratext was founded in 1998 to provide consulting services related to structured information. Our core expertise is in XML and related technologies; our experience is in many industries.

As a small services firm, we can provide individual attention to your needs through engagement of individual consultants. We also work with a network of trusted resources to take on larger projects. We can bring together the right team with the skills and experience to address your content-related challenges.

We offer expertise with current technologies, as well as over 20 years' experience with the evolution of those technologies and their impact on an ever-changing business environment. We're always looking for people who know things we don't, and who bring the same client focus.

The result is a growing set of technical capabilities, combined with uncommon business savvy.


A company's philosophy is stated daily in every interaction. Ours is guided by some simple principles:

  • Our customers sign our paychecks.
  • We uphold the highest ethical standards in everything we do.
  • Our company is only as good as our people. So we invest in their development.
  • We can work with any product vendor — but we work for you. We never earn sales commissions or other incentives from the recommendations we make.


Supratext is a service mark under which we market our company and services. The word supratext is a back-formation from subtext, which refers to a meaning embedded in a text. We've combined supra and text to indicate the overlying structure of information. That's what markup technologies are all about.

Our logo is also a service mark. The design combines conventional markup delimiters (as used in XML, HTML, and SGML) with parabolic curves, creating negative space that evokes the letter S.

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