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Finding the right balance

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your customers want more content from you (but they don't want to spend more for it).
  • Your authors want productivity without undue complexity.
  • Your finance department wants more revenue, and lower costs.
  • Your sales team wants more choices to present to customers.
  • Those customers? They want the information faster, and with better quality too.
  • Your sales team has already promised your customers that. And more.
  • The information technology folks want systems that are easy to configure and maintain.
  • Your marketing department says you have to deliver e-books.
  • Your sales team has promised that, too.
  • And this isn't the only demand on your time and resources.

Take a deep breath. We can help.

The content lifecycle

As part of the content engineering approach, we first identify the content lifecycle. Typically it includes the following:

  • create/author
  • maintain/edit
  • store
  • analyze/process/translate
  • format
  • distribute/publish

These phases inform and guide both the logical design of a publishing architecture, and its physical implementation. Understanding your content, and the people who work with it, and the intended audiences, is the key to success. We use this understanding for everything from designing the schema or DTD, to formatting the final deliverables. While there's no single "right" way to do it, there are certainly many "wrong" ways. We'll help you avoid them.

We assess your requirements, not ours. Perhaps you just need training, and/or ongoing guidance for your system working better. Or you may need to supplement existing staff to move a project from design to implementation. We have diverse skills and experience, and the flexibility to provide what you need. But if we're not right for your project, or if the project isn't right for you, we'll tell you so.

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