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Localization and Translation

Business on Their Terms

An increasingly competitive business environment means you have to reach new markets — if you're not already there. We can help take your content to a whole new level.

Localization and Internationalization

Did you know...

  • that most of the civilized world uses metric for measurements?
  • that different countries have different preferred formats for numeric values, date and time, telephone numbers, and other information?
  • that much of the world puts A4 paper in their printers?
  • that in the UK, localise is the preferred spelling?

While you may need to answer those specific questions, and others, more important are the general questions. Do you know how to capture content at the source to support the preferences of local markets? Do you know how to transform existing content for those markets?


Once you've determined the languages and dialects that you need to support, you'll need a way to manage all that content: keeping it in sync, triggering translations when content changes and in time for delivery cycles. We can show you the best ways to manage all of that, based on your specific requirements.

And if you're paying to retranslate your content with each publication, you should call us right now. There is a better way.

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